Socio and Eco Environmental Risk Management, Department of Urban Management, Kyoto University




  • Prof. Tetsuya Sumi
    角 哲也(教授)
  • Assoc. Prof. Yasuhiro Takemon
  • Assoc. Prof. Sameh Kantoush

    I am collaboratively leading research for developing monitoring techniques as Large Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV) and image techniques, turbidity, sediment deposition thickness and sediment transport rate, for experimental and prototype investigations of flow and sediment in order to evaluate environmental influences and effectiveness for sustainable reservoir.

  • Researcher (Assis. Prof.) Sohei Kobayashi

    I am interested in landscape, topographic, and ecological features of Japanese rivers, and of rivers downstream of dams. I hope to visit all 109 major rivers of Japan. My present study topics are below-dam environment, riverbed degradation, effect of sediment bypass tunnel, mass emergence of caddisfly in Uji River.

  • Dr. Christian Auel

    As a Hydraulic Engineer my research is related to dams and reservoirs and their integrated management considering both ecological and morphological effects on the river system. Sustainable reservoir sedimentation management such as sediment routing and flushing strategies are my main focus. However, I am also interested in turbulence and sediment transport processes in rivers and hydraulic structures and their interaction with gravel, bedrock or concrete-lined beds, respectively.

  • Ms. Junko Ibaraki (Secretary)
  • Ms. Hisae Obara (Secretary)
  • Ms. Chikako Morimoto (Research Assistant)


  • Youji Kubota (PhD)
  • Mohammed Adbel-Fattah (PhD)
  • Yukio Miyagawa (PhD)
  • Makoto Kurahashi (PhD)
  • Shinji Takahashi (PhD)
  • Keisuke Hatano (PhD)
  • Kazuki Terada (MS)
  • Takahiro Koshiba (MS)
  • Koji Mishima (MS)
  • Kanta Kanou (MS)
  • Yusuke Ogiso (B)
  • JOSE Moya Andres (B)
  • Shigeru Yotsuyanagi (Research Student)