Socio and Eco Environmental Risk Management, Department of Urban Management, Kyoto University



[For planning of risk management of water resources systems and integrated river basin management]

res for integrated river basin management for flood control, water use, and environmental conservation aiming at enjoyment of ecosystem services in a sustainable manner. We focus on subjects such as 1) asset management of dams and development of reservoir sediment management methods, 2) development of riverbed management methods for habitat creation and maintenance and 3) restoration of sustainable interactions between human use and ecosystem responses in water front environments.


September, 23 2016 2nd International Workshop on Sediment Bypass Tunnels (Kyoto, 9-12 May 2017)
October,25 2016 2nd International Symposium on Flash Floods in Wadi System (Egypt, 25-27 Oct 2016)
September 04, 2015 International Symposium on Flash Floods in Wadi Systems(14-15 Oct 2015)
April 01, 2015 International Conference on Water Resources and Environmental Management(June 2016)
April 01, 2015 International Workshop on Sediment Bypass Tunnels(Zurich Switherland, 27-29 Apr 2015)
2015 1st Flash Flood Project


February 19, 2015 Awazu finished his master thesis
February 10, 2015 Koshiba and Mishima finished their bachelor thesis